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whitescreen.org is a web tool in which we provide a white screen that can act as a lifesaver when checking all the dirt and dust particles and dead, stuck, white, and warm pixels. Every LCD screen should be cleaned periodically to avoid disruption of picture quality and stop further damage.

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A white screen can be used as per a person’s requirement. With more ideas and creativity, such an amazing tool knows how many more different features can be added to the list.

What is White Screen?

As its name suggests, a white screen is a completely white display picture or a background image that can be used for testing whether the screen/monitor needs to be cleaned or not.


Features of White Screen

Some distinguishing features of a white screen are mentioned below:

  • Best for an RGB test.

    There are different types of damaged pixels; their color can distinguish these. Stuck and dead pixels almost look similar but can be categorized by the RGB (red, green & blue) test. It gets easier to see whether the pixel is black, white, or any other color on a white screen. Dead pixels are black, and stuck pixels are of color. It is important to find the exact problem first if one wants to find a solution and the white screen helps you with that.

  • Cleaning dirt and dust.

    It is almost impossible for anyone to stop dust from settling on a screen, but it is quite possible to clean all of it with a white screen. A white screen is helpful to notice the dirt & dust on the monitor, which further leads to an easy cleaning experience.

  • Compatibility & Assistance.

    The white screen can be used on an LCD device. The testing can be white computers and laptops and smartphones, televisions, tablets, and so on. The assistance provided by the white screen can be used to clean smaller screens, too, which is generally difficult to do with bare eyes.

  • Colour implication

    When a screen is well tested with different colors, no chance of missing a pixel is left. The white screen provides the facility to implement different colors and complete the cleaning task efficiently.

Why you need White Screen?

There are a lot of reasons why you need to use a White Display. Here, we have come up with some of the reasons as given below.

  • Eliminates the pressure on bare eyes.

    As we know, focusing on a screen to test and clean it puts a lot of pressure on bare eyes. A white screen eliminates that problem by giving you a better view of dust and dirt particles.

  • Visibility of cracks and damage.

    Minor damage and small cracks can go unnoticed, these types of unnoticed damages may seem a minor problem at first, but when left unattended, they can damage the visual quality or the screen as a whole. A white screen helps you to see even these things and saves you from further damage.

  • No more pixel problems.

    Pixels are the basic building blocks of a digital image, and even one damaged pixel can create a disturbance on the screen. Differentiating between different types of damaged pixels and then treating them as it is difficult without any assistance. With a white screen, one can spot the damaged pixel, and because of the clarity provided, they can know which type of damaged pixel it is. Once the pixels are treated, future chances of any possibility of damage are lowered.

  • One tool for all screens.

    The white screen can be used with all LCD or flat-screen devices. The tool itself is universal as it is compatible with all devices, help’s in detecting all the damage, and no spot remains untouched. One tool for all screens, no matter what the size and the type of the screen is.

  • Better visual experience.

    Once all the dust and damage is wiped off the screen, the visual experience automatically becomes better as there is no disturbance in the image, and a good amount of light is emitted out of the screen. What’s better than enjoying the best quality image even out of old device screens?

How does it work?

The white screen comes with a simple set of steps. Anyone can use it without any problem and assistance; the tool is made so that it gives a simple and satisfying experience.

You need to click on the white screen/ display if you want a white background check and click on the given colors of choice if you want to an RGB test.

Steps to be followed:

  • Step 1: Open the website, and you’ll land on the home page.

  • Step 2: Tap on the image of the white screened monitor on your screen.

  • Step 3: The background or the display image can be seen turned completely white.

  • Step 4: By pressing on the color you need the most, the pixels can be treated, and the dust can be cleaned.

  • Step 5: Press the back button once you’re done.

Once you’re done testing and cleaning the screen, you’ll notice a visible difference on your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If a user needs to draw on paper at night, placing the paper on a display drawing tablet or a white screen can be helpful for precise visuality while drawing at night.

The white screen can be used as a light source feature for lighting the back of a lightbox for product photography.

Whenever the user doesn't want to be disturbed or wants to take a short break, the user can use the white screen to blank their screen.

With the help of a white screen, users can read anything, even in darkness.

The white screen has a bright light from which anyone can click a good picture and use the white screen as a light source.

With the light of the white screen, a user can easily recognize all the dead stuck pixels and clean them up.

As flies get attracted to the white light, catching flies and dead pixels on the monitor becomes easy.