“If want the screen clean, press on appropriate colors as displayed.”

Do you know the exact motive of this site? If not yet, then let us introduce something that you need the most but never get a hint that you want it.

Most of the people all across the world are using either a laptop or mobile phones and it will get dirty and flooded with dust that you may see rarely. Therefore, we have something for you that will help you out to clean the monitor of your laptop in no time. The White Screen is the site that provides you with some full-screen colors, as you can see on this page, to spot the tiny dust particles and dirt that you can’t see with your eyes directly.

Bear in mind, turn the monitor off if you need to begin cleaning again.If the laptop is on while you’re cleaning the same, then it may cause some issues and lead to a change in the system as well. So, be careful and never chop-chop while cleaning the monitor by keeping it in” ON” mode.

What is White Screen?

The White Screen is used for testing the monitor and find out if there is a need for cleaning or not. The White screen is helpful to check all the dust, dirt, pixels whether stuck or dead, and some other artifacts. Also, it is known by the name of “White Display”.

As we have mentioned earlier a White Screen is the desktop background that will help you out to spot all dust particles that are collected on your screen. Thus, it is a good way to see all particles by just tapping on the same.

How it works?

The White Screen works in a simple manner that is easy to grab at first take. Follow the steps below to make sure that you are using the White Screen correctly.

  • Step 1: Access the website and get to the landing page.
  • Step 2: Then, tap on the monitor with White Screen as displayed on the home page.
  • Step 3: Now, you can see that your monitor has covered with white background.
  • Step 4: Erase all the particles and pixels now by the press on the color that you need the most!

Once done with spotting all dust and pixels, then tap on the “Escape” button at the left corner of the keyboard and you will get back to the browser.

To exemplify, if you want to take the White Display test, then you need to tap on the same and if want any other color, then choose some other color options as available.

Features of White Screen

Here, we have some of the highlighted features attached to the White Screen:

White screen for cleaning dirt

The white screen is a reliable and the best way to notice all dust and dirt on the screen. Also, it is helpful to keep the screen clean and free from dirty spots.

Red, Green & Blue colors to test pixels

There are two types of pixels such as Dead and stuck ones. If you want to spot such pixels on the screen, then RGB is the best way to go for. You can implement this test by pressing on the color options behind the desktop.

Compatible with all

The monitor testing is not only compatible with the laptop or computers, but you can also use them on mobile phones as well. It is easy to use on any device to spot the particles gathered on the screen that we can’t see with bare eyes.

Monitor or Screen testing

The tool can be used to test the screen and implement any color to see if there is any need for cleaning or if there are any pixels present on it.

Why you need White Screen?

There are a lot of reasons why you need to use White Display. Here, we have come up with some of the reasons as given below.

Not visible to eyes

As we all know that the dust and dirt particles are not at all visible by the naked eyes. These are so tiny and we need to use some tool that will clear out where the particles are and which part of the screen needs proper cleaning.

No idea about pixels

A pixel is a small unit either of an Image or a graphic. You can see the pixels on the digital screen but not with the eyes directly.Whether the screen is LCD or cylinder (CTR), such pixels make up all images on the screen.

You can’t see such single pixels with your eyes and thus, there is a need to tap on RGB to notice all of them. No notice of such dead and stuck pixels may lead to high damage to the screen.

Compatible with all

If you have any doubt about the screen type to implement this screen, then let us inform you that it works on any screen. Whether it be a television screen, computer screen, or any other sort of digital display, you can use the White Screen anytime and anywhere you want.

Provides ambient light

Once you have cleaned all the dirt, dirt, and other pixel particles, then you will get an ambient light from the monitor of your device.

Damage screen

If there are any cracks or something gets damaged on the screen, then you can see the same easily. Just turn on the white screen by tapping on the monitor and figure out if there is any serious damage.


If you clean the screen by keeping the laptop ON, then it might damage the functionalities. So, it is recommended to ensure that your laptop is OFF while cleaning. It is also advisable that never clean the monitor of your device if the screen is damaged and never turn it on while cleaning. Erase all the particles and pixels now by the press on the color that you need the most!