About Us

Here at WhiteScreen.org, we have come up with some options that are too significant for your laptop, phone, or any other LED device. All the services available here are free and also, helpful for all laptop users.

When we keep using our gadgets such as laptops and cell phones, then we found that there are some impurities and dust collected on the monitor. But it is not easy to weed out all dead pixels and dust & dirt. Therefore, here we have some online screen colors that aim at dealing with some different issues of dust & dirt on the screen.

Here, we have four different color screens available and when you will tap on any of them, then your laptop’s screen will switch to the selected color. Every color aims at eliminating some specific set of problems such as dirt, dust, pixel issues, and so on. It is effortless now to tap on any colored screen to get over any such colors.

The computer screen has an ample count of programmed tiny lights and we call it pixels. Within these pixels, some sub-pixels can easily emit red-green & blue colors (RGB) when lit together. However, other colors are emitted by the change in levels of each of these three colors. When any of such sub-pixels stuck on the screen in any of these colors, then stuck pixel happens. It displays as a persistent and bright dot on the screen of the computer.

Moreover, dead pixels are a bit different and remain on the back screen all the time irrespective of the image as a showcase on the monitor as these are too hard to fix. Dead pixels get no lighting and sometimes, there may be a need to replace the monitor.

But there is no need to worry about all such impurities on the monitor as we have dead pixel tests available on this website. To diagnose as well as troubleshoot issues with the monitor, we help the users to repair the stuck or dead pixels by tapping on the appropriate color screen as available on our website.

Therefore, our website is so easy to use for any new beginner and we make it simple to click on the appropriate screen to remove all dead or stuck pixels, dirt, and dust. Use our tools now and make your monitor free from any problems and dust.

Tap on colors & keep the monitor crystal-clear!